Brand Xonerate
Product Type Agricultural (Ag)
Description Xonerate 2SC Herbicide is a selective, postemergence herbicide that may be used for the control of certain weeds in established turfgrasses.
Target Pests Alexandergrass, Bittercress, Carpetweed, Chickweed, Clover, Dichondria, Henbit, Jimsonweed, Kochia, Lambsquarters, Panicum, Pennycress, Radish, Ragweed, Shepherd’s-purse, Velvetleaf, Waterhemp, Woodsorrel.
For Use In on Golf Courses, Sod farms, Residential and Commercial turf Sites, Park and Recreation Areas, Athletic fields, School Grounds and other turf Areas and Conifers in nurseries and field Plantings (including Christmas trees).
Application Methods Apply Xonerate 2SC Herbicide postemergence to actively growing broadleaf and grass weeds. Do not apply when environmental conditions favoring drift. Xonerate 2SC Herbicide may be tank mixed with herbicides registered for use on turfgrass sites.
Active Ingredients Amicarbazone - 23.25%
Formulation Suspension Concentrate.
1.00 lbs.
EPA Registration Number 279-3621
Manufacture Name FMC

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