House mice can invade properties and can be a severe threat. They do not hibernate and are active even during colder temperatures, thus being one of the major winter pests.

These rodents are grey or brown rodents with relatively large ears and small eyes and an adult is about 5 to 7 inches long, including the 3- to 4-inch tail.

House mice live in and around homes, farms, commercial establishments, as well as in open fields and agricultural lands. The onset of cold weather each fall in temperate regions is said to cause mice to move into structures in search of shelter and food.

House mice are considered as a threat to human beings as they cause both structural damage and health issues.

  • House mice consume and contaminate food meant for humans, pets, livestock, or other animals. In addition, they cause considerable damage to structures and property, and they can transmit pathogens that cause diseases such as salmonellosis, a form of food poisoning.
  • Micro droplets of mouse urine can cause allergic in children. Mice can also bring fleas, mites, ticks and lice into your home. 
  • Structural Damage: Mice will gnaw upon wall and attic insulation, electrical wiring, and containers of stored human and animal foods. Stored items may also be gnawed upon.

Three elements are necessary for a successful trying prevent mice. Sanitation measures, building construction and rodent proofing, and, if necessary, population control.

When food, water, and shelter are available, rat populations can reproduce and grow quickly. While the most permanent form of control is to limit food, water, shelter, and access to buildings, direct population control is often necessary.

Some products that are helpful to catch House mice to help with population control are:

Catchmaster 48 R Rat Glue Tray – it has proven it’s ability to catch wild rats and mice under the toughest conditions possible-their own natural environment.

Catchmaster 48 WRG Cold Temperature Glue Board Trap – They are Cold Temperature Glue Board Traps are non-toxic and 100% effective in temperatures as low as 0 degrees F.

The Mini T-Rex Mouse Snap Trap – it is a state-of-the-art mechanical trap that offers superior mouse capture.

T1 Mouse is a pre-baited disposable mouse bait station – It is Acute Rodenticide – Ready to use in disposable child and dog resistant mouse bait station

All the above products are DO IT YOURSELF products and are available for purchase online on our website Please read the label thoroughly before using the product.

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Granular insecticides are solid particles that pour like sugar; these particles are infused with insecticide and release the pesticide when the granules are wet.

They are used only outdoors in places like your yard and around your foundation to kill ground dwelling pests and to prevent them from moving indoors.

It is very easy to use Granular insecticide. You will need no mixing for this product as it can be applied directly. Read the instructions on the label thoroughly. All you will need is insecticide, spreader, gloves and safety clothing.

Mow your lawn so you are applying to ground level and use the spreader and spread the granules in the same way you would mow your lawn and ensure you have covered the entire area.

For maximum impact and for the granules to release the pesticide effectively, use your sprinkler or hose to water the lawn after application and ensure the granules are soaked.

Talstar Xtra Granular insecticide is preferred most for Do It Yourself applications as it offers broad-spectrum control against over 20 lawn pests and gives up to four months of reliable control of most ants (including fire ants) as well as chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, earwigs, crane flies and many other lawn pests.

TALSTAR XTRA is labeled to have a highly advanced Verge granule delivering exciting application benefits you can’t get with other products.

  • Perfect Form: The Verge granule is uniform in size and shape for improved ballistics during application, resulting in a more consistent, dependable barrier of protection.
  • Rapid Release: Verge granules are clay-based and disintegrate at an extremely fast rate, fully dissolving into thousands of micro-particles in less than a minute after being watered in. This delivers the active ingredient where it’s needed. 
  • Better for the Applicator: While other granules produce an unpleasant, musty smell, Talstar XTRA on the Verge granule is odorless. What’s more, the Verge granule is proven to be virtually dust-free, for a substantial reduction of dust in the air, on the equipment and on an applicator’s clothing following treatment.

Professional products like TALSTAR XTRA are not found over the counter in stores. PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS DEPOT is a leading supplier of professional pest control products and offers free shipping on TALSTAR XTRA GRAUNULAR INSECTICIDE.

One 25-pound bag would cover around 5000 sq. ft. and is priced at $49.95.


Ants can nest both inside and outside your property. Ants always work in colonies and are constantly in search of food to feed their colonies, if you notice an ant somewhere in your property, it is an indication that there may be many more around.

Mulch, plants, wood, water source, fruit bearing trees can attract ants to build nest outside your property and they may slowly invade inside your house when the weather conditions are not favorable outside.

Ants can just nest about anywhere but common nest locations to look for would be under concrete slabs, behind kitchen cabinets, in foundation walls, near window frames, inside wood fence.

Best way to treat ants is to search around your house looking carefully for nests and spot treat it using an insecticide to get rid of it.

If you are looking to use a professional insecticide, that you can use both inside and outside which is also low odor, Phantom Termicide insecticide would be our number one pick.

Buy Phantom Termiticide-Insecticide here:

Phantom kills termites by ingestion and contact. It is a powerful insecticide for ants and also roaches. It can be used in Inside houses, apartment or other residential structures, meat, poultry & egg processing & packaging plants.

Food service, manufacturing and processing establishment such as restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, mills, processing plants, bakeries, breweries, dairies, meat slaughtering and packing plants and canneries.

Commercial, institutional, and warehousing establishment includes schools, groceries and supermarkets, restaurants, and cafeterias, hotel and motel, hospitals and nursing homes, warehouses and industrial buildings, laboratories, zoos, pet shops, computer facilities and sewers.

Directions to use Phantom below:

  1. You will need a pump sprayer
  2. Fill the sprayer with one gallon of water
  3. Measure 1.5 fl OZ of Phantom and pour it into the sprayer
  4. Look for ant trails and nest inside and outside the house.
  5. Spot treat using the spray

Read the label thoroughly before using any insecticide. For more information please email us at