Kentucky (KY) sales Policy

The state of Kentucky informed that we must comply with legislation that applies to the sale of pesticides into Kentucky

Category 12. Pesticide sales agent.

This category shall include any individual who sells or distributes restricted use pesticides or any individual who sells and makes recommendations for the use and application of pesticides to the final user.

Category 12 certification as a pesticide sales agent under this administrative regulation shall meet the requirements of Category 12 certification under 302 KAR Chapters 27 and 28. Persons taking orders or explaining service programs without naming or making recommendations for pesticide use shall be excluded from certification if the person selling or distributing pesticides is licensed as a pesticide sales agent.

As per KY state law, Pest Control Products Depot will sale General use Pest control products and equipment's to KY state end users but will not give any kind of recommendation including product name to KY State end users.