Everyday Pest Prevention Tips

Conducive Condition Recommendation
1 Tree branches on house Keep tree branches away from house to reduce pest access
2 Firewood next to foundation Keep firewood away from house to reduce pest harborage
3 Debris on crawlspace/next to foundation Remove wood debris to reduce termite ha rborage area
4 Excessive plant cover, stump, etc. Providing spacing between plant cover and structure
5 Soil above the foundation Ii ne Keep soil below top of foundation to reduce harbo rage areas
6 Wood-to-ground contact Keep soil from touching wood to eliminate termite access
7 Debris on roof/full gutter Keep gutter & roof free of debris to reduce insect harborage
8 Standi ng water near/under structure Eliminate standing water to reduce pest harbo rage
9 Mo isture problem under structure Increase ventilation to reduce pest harbo rage area
10 Openi ngs at plumbi ng & electronics Seal opening to reduce pest access
11 Excessive gaps at windows/doors Seal gaps to reduce pest access
12 Lea ky plumb ing fixtures Repair to reduce moisture for pests
13 Keep garbage cans covered Covered to reduce attraction of insects of vertebrate pests
14 Mo isture damage wood Repair rotten or damaged wood to reduce insect harborage
15 Grocery bags stored improperly Seal paper sacks in containers to reduce i nsect ha rborage areas
16 Pet food unsealed or left out Keep pet food in sealed containers and unavailable to pests
17 Excessive storage conditions Keep storage areas uncluttered and manageable
18 Debris below kick plates Remove kick plates to reduce rodent harborage