Spider Black Widow Spider

Spider Black Widow Spider
application methods The pesticide application method you choose depends on the nature and habits of the target pest, the properties of the pesticide, the suitability of the application equipment, and the cost and efficiency of alternative methods. Your choice is often predetermined by one or more of these factors. Follow label direction for volume recommendations and application rates based on the pest to be controlled and utilize appropriate application tips on equipment.

Latrodectus mactans

Color: Shiny black with red hourglass on underside of abdomen.

Size: Body may be up to 3/4-inch in length with the abdomen reaching 3/8-inch in diameter.

Manufacturer Recommended Products And Treatment For Black Widow Spider Control

Pests need food, water, and shelter. Often the problem may be solved just by removing these key items. Before even thinking about chemical pest control, it is important to be aware of

Pest’s Conducive conditions & It’s Recommendations.

Conducive Condition Recommendation
1 Tree branches on house Keep tree branches away from house to reduce pest access
2 Firewood next to foundation Keep firewood away from house to reduce pest harborage
3 Debris on crawlspace/next to foundatio