Product Name Victor Tin Cat Glue Boards M309
Brand Name Victor
Target Pest

Mice and insects


Victor brand glue boards made to fit the Victor Tin Cat and Victor Poly Tin Cat mouse traps, but can also be used alone. Using a glue trap in the tin cat will cause the trap to catch and kill mice upon entry. The tin cat does not remain a humane live catch trap at this point. These glue boards can also be used alone to catch mice and other insects. The glue boards also have the option of being folded into a tent or box shape to protect the glue from dust.

For Use In

Situations where poisons or snap traps are prohibited or discouraged, Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, indoors in places not readily accessible to pets and children. Can be used in Victor metal and Poly Tin Cat Mouse Traps or can also be used alone to catch mice and other insects

Place glue board near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.
    Weight 3.09 lbs
    Manufacturer Victor
    Formulation N/A
    Restricted Use No
    Shelf Life This product will not expire as long as the wax paper remains in place over the glue and it stored in a cool, dry space.
    Availability Online

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