Brand Name Microbes

Bio-5 Drain Cleaner by BASF is a multipurpose biological drain cleaner used for drain flies that breed in the organic material along the sides of drains.

Target Pest

Drain (Moth) fly

For Use In

Aircraft Boats, Ships, and Barges Commercial Structures Exterior Non-landscaped settings Floor Drains Food Handling Areas Food Manufacturing & Processing Plants Food Serving Establishments Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Hotels and Motels Industrial Buildings and Warehouses Meat, Poultry, Egg Production Multiple Family Dwellings Non-food Areas Offices Public Modes of Transportation Residential Structures Roadway Vehicles Schools – non-food areas Single Family Dwellings Structures and Immediate Surroundings Supermarkets and Food Stores Trains and Railcars Waste and Garbage Sites Waste Containers.

Active Ingredients Microbes
weight 2.26 lbs
Manufacturer BASF

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