Brand Name TVC

These herbicides sterilize the soil and controls undesirable vegetation in non-cropland areas.

Target Pest

Annual bluegrass, Broadleaf signalgrass, Canada bluegrass, Downy brome, Fescue, Foxtail, Italian ryegrass, Johnsongrass, Kentucky bluegrass, Lovegrass, Orchardgrass, Paragrass, Quackgrass, Sandbur, Sand dropseed, Smooth brome, Vaseygrass, Wild oats, Witchgrass.

For Use In

TVC controls undesirable vegetation in non-cropland areas including railroad, utility, pipeline and highway rights-of-way, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, fence rows, storage areas, non-irrigation ditchbanks and under paved surfaces. TVC may also be used in grass pastures and rangeland, and for establishing and maintaining wildlife openings except in the state of California.

Application Equipment

Backpack Sprayer, Gloves, Pump Sprayer, Spray Rig

Application Methods

Broadcast Spray, Spot Treatment

Active Ingredients Isopropylamine salt of Imazapyr (2-[4,5-dihydro-4methyl-4- (1-methylethyl)-5-oxo-1H-imidazol-2-yl]-3-pyridinecarboxylic acid) 27.8%
Chemical Type Herbicide
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Shelf Life TVC Total Vegetation Control has a shelf life of 3 to 4 years when stored in a cool dry environment. Once opened TVC should be used within 2 years.
weight 2.43 lbs
EPA Registration number 81927-23-53883
Manufacturer Control Solutions Inc.

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