Brand Name Trapper

TRAPPER T-REX combines trigger sensitivity with the exact trap velocity needed to capture and hold rats.

Its patented interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible. Safer to use than other rat snap traps, TRAPPER T-REX sets easily by foot or hand. Its removable bait cup can be withdrawn, filled with an attractant and re-inserted without having the trap set.

TRAPPER T-REX has multiple uses: Placed alone or in pairs back-to-back along rat pathways, Wired above ground to pipes or rafters, For additional security or to prevent non-target exposure to children, pets or wildlife, place inside one of Bell's rat-sized tamper-resistant bait stations. Design to accomodate T Rex: EVO Express, EVO Ambush, EVO Circuit, EVO Landscape, Protecta Sidekick.

Target Pest

Norway rat, roof rat, Mouse

weight 0.27 lbs
Manufacturer Bell Labs

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