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Brand Tekko
Product Type Non Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description Tekko Pro is a groundbreaking combination insect growth regulator that disrupts the life cycle of insects, preventing them from developing into adults.
Target Pests Argentine ants, fire ants, Acrobat ants, Carpenter ants, Ghost ants, Odorous ants, fleas, German cockroach, American cockroach, Smokey Brown Cockroach, Oriental cockroach, Brown Banded cockroach, Blow fly, Bottle fly, cluster fly, Drain (Moth) fly, face fly, fruit fly, fungus gnat, fruit flies, Horse fly, House fly, Midges, Phorid fly or Hump backed flies, Stable fly, No-see-ums or Punkies or sand flies, mosquitoes, crickets.
For Use In Industrial Plants, Factories, Warehouses, Commercial Buildings, Condominiums,Apartments, Cabins, Day Care Centers, Mobile Homes, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels,Nursing Homes, Office Buildings, Other Public, Buildings, Campsites, Gas Stations, Prisons, Rooms, Schools, Parks, Institutions, Jails, Sport Stadiums, Supermarkets, Taverns, Theaters, Morgues, Mortuaries, Crematoriums, Funeral Parlors, Mausoleums, Atriums, Attics, Bathrooms, Basements, Bedrooms, Porches, Closets, Draperies, Dressers, Kitchens, Porches, Upholstered Furniture, Cabinets, Crawl Spaces, Carpet, Campers, Garbage Areas, Garbage Cans, Patios, Garages, Gazebos, Storage Areas, Floors, Furniture, Locker Rooms, Utility Room Indoor, Utility Room Outdoor, Washrooms; Animal Quarters (enclosed premise treatment), Cat Living Quarters (enclosed premise treatment), Dog Houses, Dog Living Quarters, Dog Kennel Runs, Kennels, Pet Bedding, Pet Carriers, Pet Grooming Parlors, Pet Sleeping Areas, Pet Stores, Pet Quartersb (enclosed premise treatment), Vetenaries, Zoos; Candy Plants, Canneries, Bakeries, Breweries, Cereal Processing Facilities, Food Processing Plants, Food and Non-Food Warehouses, Cafeterias, Indoor Eating Establishments, Grocery Stores, Institutional Dining Areas, Flour Mills, Grain Storage Facilities, Outdoor Eating Establishments, Recreational Areas Outdoors, Restaurants, Dairies, Delicatessens;Transportation Equipment (automobiles, boxcars, buses, boats, trucks, railcars, ship cargo holds); Outdoor Areas and Surfaces Perimeters, including: Lawns and Around Foundation Walls.
Application Methods * See label for complete application instructions
Active Ingredients Novaluron - 1.3% Pyriproxyfen - 1.3%
Formulation Professional Product
EPA Registration Number 53883-335
Manufacture Name Control Solutions Inc.

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