Brand Name Solitare

Solitare® herbicide is the only all-in-one postemergence weed control solution specifically designed to combat any combination of crabgrass, sedges and broadleaf weed problems you might encounter in a single application

Target Pest

Annual grasses, broadleaf weeds and sedges in established turf areas. Please see the product label for a full list of pests.Woodsorrel, creeping Woodsorrel yellow.

For Use In

Turf Including Residential, Commercial and Institutional Lawns, Athletic Fields, Commercial Sod Farms, Golf Courses (Fairways and Roughs), and Other Non-crop Sites.

Application Equipment

Pump Sprayer

Application Methods

Spot Treatment

Active Ingredients Sulfentrazone 18.75% Quinclorac 56.25%
Chemical Type Herbicide
Formulation Water Dispersible Granule (WDG)
Shelf Life Solitare Herbicide can last 3 years when stored in a cool, dry place.
weight 1.18 lbs
EPA Registration number 279-3355
Manufacturer FMC
Solitare-Herbicide-Label 2020Solitare Herbicide SDS

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