Brand Name Pylon

Pylon TR total release insecticide provides control of mites, thrips and adult fungus gnats.

Target Pest

Mites: adult & Larvae of Two-Spotted Spider mite and Broad mite. Catterpillars: Including immature and adult stages of catterpilar suc as Beet armyworm, Cabbage looper and Soyabean looper. Thrips: Including immature stage of chili thrips and Western Flower Thrips.

For Use In

Ornamental crops and fruiting vegetables in commercial greenhouses including: Bedding plants, Conteainerized plants, Cut flowers, Evergreens, Flowering plants, Foliage plants, Ground Covers, Non-beaing fruit and nut trees and vines, Ornamental trees and shrubs, Vegetables.

Active Ingredients Chlorfenapyr 4.5%
weight 0.25 lbs
EPA Registration number 499-544
Manufacturer BASF

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