Brand BASF
Product Type Agricultural (Ag)
Description PT Fendona Pressurized Insecticide is a highly effective insecticide that provides excellent control and quick knock-down of a wide variety of insect pests. Contains alpha-cypermethrin as its active ingredient which powerfully kills insects on cracks and crevices, spot, void, and general surface applications. It has minimal odor and has been tested on a range of surfaces to ensure no staining. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications in commercial, industrial, residential and food handling establishments. This product works to kill pests like ants, bed bugs, bees, beetles, cockroaches, and more. It is suited for both clean out spray programs and maintenance.
Target Pests Ants, Asian Lady Beetles, Bed Bugs, Bed Bug Eggs, Bees, Beetles, Booklice, Boxelder Bugs, Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs, Cadelles, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Centipedes, Cheese Mites, Chocolate Moths, Cigarette Beetles, Clothes Moths, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Dermestids, Drugstore Beetles, Drywood Termites, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Firebrats, Flour Beetles, Fruit Flies, Grain Weevils, Harvester Ants, House Flies, Indianmeal Moths, Kudzu Bugs, Larder Beetles, Lesser Grain Borers, Lesser Mealworms, Little Beetles, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Merchant Grain Beetles, Silverfish, Southern Fire Ants, Sowbugs, Spiders, Springtails, Stable Flies, Ticks, Wasps, Wood-Infesting Beetles and Borers, and Wood Wasps
For Use In Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Areas and Buildings
Application Methods Crack & Crevice, Void, Spot or General Surface Application
Active Ingredients Alpha-cypermethrin 0.5%
Formulation Professional Product Group 3A Insecticide
EPA Registration Number 499-569
Manufacture Name BASF

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