Brand Prodiamine
Product Type Agricultural (Ag)
Description Quali-Pro's Prodiamine 65 WDG provides pre-emergent grass and broadleaf weed control.
Long Description

Rodent Exclusion Kit consist of following products:


1 X Pur Shooter Foam Gun (SH01)

The Pageris foam gun will accept any of the Todol foam canisters.


1 X Pur Black Gun foam 

This stuff is great for rodent proofing. It stops gases, water, sound, and pests.


1 X Pur Fill Gun Cleaner 

Extends the life of Pageris foam gun. Removes any uncured foam.


1 X Stuff It Copper Netting Roll (20 Feet)

It is rustproof, stain proof and works great to seal weep holes and around plumbing, A/C, vents, and other places where rodents, Squirrel and insects enter.

Target Pests Annual bluegrass (Poa annua), Henbit, Knotweed, Chickweed, Spurge, Foxtail, Goosegrass.
For Use In Nursery, Landscape, Turf, Trees, Golf Courses.
Application Equipment Backpack Sprayer, Hose End Sprayer, Pump Sprayer, Spray Rig
Application Methods Broadcast Spray, Spot Treatment
Active Ingredients Prodiamine 65%
Chemical Type Herbicide
Formulation Water Dispersible Granule (WDG)
Shelf Life When stored according to the product label, Prodiamine 65WDG will last for up to 3 years. Store this product in a cool, dry storage area using the original container.
EPA Registration Number 53883-429
Manufacture Name Quali-Pro

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