Pivot Ultra Plus

Pivot Ultra Plus

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Product Name Pivot Ultra Plus
Active Ingredient Etofenprox 1.00 %, Pyriproxyfen 0.10 %, Prallethrin 0.05 %
Brand Name Pivot
Target Pest

Fleas, German roach, American roach, Oriental roach, Smokey brown roach, Brown banded roach, Argentine ant, Acrobat ant, Odoreous ant, Ghost antants (excluding Carpenter, Harvester, and Pharaoh ants), waterbugs, silverfish, crickets, sowbugs and carpet beetles.


Pivot Ultra Plus is a combination of adulticides and an insect growth regulator to manage flea populations in treated areas. One application of Pivot Ultra Plus kills adult and larval fleas, while the IGR affects hatching eggs.

For Use In

For use in and on buildings and structures such as homes, apartments, hotels, offices, stores, warehouses, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, industrial buildings, vessels, rail cars, trucks, trailers, and aircraft (except cabins).

Key Benefits
  • Combination Chemistry.
  • Provides contact, residual, and long-lasting IGR effects to eliminate flea and other pest populations.
  • Flexible Pressurized Solution.
  • Excellent control of fleas, can be applied directly to carpets, upholstered furniture,pet bedding.
  • No PPE is required.
  • Adulticides and IGR Provide Dual modes of action.
  • For indoor/outdoor use.
Weight 1.19 lbs
UPC No. 072693000650
EPA Reg No 53883-421
Manufacturer Control Solutions Inc.
Not For Sale To AK, HI, PR

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