Pillar G Intrinsic Granular Fungicide

Pillar G Intrinsic Granular Fungicide

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Product Name Pillar G Intrinsic Granular Fungicide
Active Ingredient Pyraclostrobin - 0.38%, Triticonazole - 0.43%
Brand Name Pillar
Target Pest

Anthracnose, Bentgrass Dead Spot, Bermudagrass Decline, Brown Patch, Brown Ring Patch (Waitea Patch), Dollar Spot, Fairy Ring, Fusarium Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, Gray Snow Mold, Large Patch, Leaf Spot, Melting Out, Necrotic Ring Spot, Pink Patch, Pink Snow Mold, Powdery Mildew, Pythium Blight, Pythium Root Dysfunction, Rapid Blight, Red Thread, Rhizoctonia Leaf or Sheath Blight, Rust, Summer Patch, Take-All Patch, Yellow Tuft, Zoysia Patch.


Pillar G Fungicide is a broad-spectrum prventative fungicide for the control of many important turfgrass diseases.

For Use in

Golf courses, Residential, commercial, and institutional lawns, Sod farms, Sports fields, recreational areas, parks, Cemeteries

Key Benefits
  • Better performance on dollar spot than many other products, including Heritage® G fungicide, Compass® fungicide and Disarm® fungicide.
  • Dense particle with excellent spreading characteristics.
  • Controls more diseases than competing granular fungicides.
  • Labeled for use on most turfgrasses for both lawns and golf.
  • Provides healthier and higher quality turf, especially during stressful periods.
Weight 30.42 lbs
EPA Reg No 7969-304
Manufacturer BASF
Not For Sale To AK, CA, HI, NY, PR, WA

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