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Product Name Pantry Pest Kit
Brand Name Pantry pest kit
Target Pest

Almond Moth, Red & Confused flour beetles, Chocolate Moths, Cigarette Beetles, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Drugstore Beetles, Elm leaf Beetles, Rusty, Merchant & Saw-toothed grain beetles, Indian Meal Moth, Khapra Beetle, Lesser Grain Borers, Mediterranean Flour Moth, Raisin Moth, Rice Weevils, Spider Beetles, Tobacco Moths and Warehouse Beetle.


Complete pantry pest kit includes two X-Lure RTU Combo traps for catching pantry moths & beetles, plus can of D-Force residual aerosol for spraying in cracks & crevices around shelves and walls to kill pantry pest larvae in harborage areas.

Long Description

Pantry Pest Kit consist of following products:


1 X D-Force Insecticide

D-Force provides 100% control of crawling insects for up to 8 weeks for bedbugs, plus 50 other insect species.


1 Pouch (6 traps) X X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap)

Pre baited with multiple pheromones & food lure to attract males & females of Indian Meal Moth, Tobacco Moth Raisin Moth, Almond Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth, Cigarette Beetle, Khapra Beetle and Warehouse Beetle.

For Use In

Home , apartments

Weight 1.51 lbs
Kit Consists Of

[ D-Force Insecticide (14 oz.), 1 Pouch (6 traps) - X-Lure RTU Combo Trap - (Diamond Shaped Trap) ]

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