Product Name Nufarm Weedar 64
Active Ingredient 2,4-D, dimethylamine salt - 46.8%
Brand Name Weedar
Target Pest

Bull thistleBurdock, common, Carrot wild, Catnip, Chicory, Coffeeweed, Dandelion, Evening primrose common, Garlic wild, Hairy galinsoga, Healall, Jimsonweed, Lambsquarters, Lettuce wild, Marshelder, Morningglory; common, ivy, woolly Mustards (except blue), Onion wild, Pepperweeds (except perennial), Pigweeds (Amaranthus spp.), Plantains, Prickly lettuce, Ragweed; common, giant, Rough fleabane, Salsify; common, western, Sowthistle, annual species, Vetch etc. See product label for complete list.


Nufarm Weedar 64 is a selective herbicide which provides broad-spectrum control of annual, biennial, perennial broad-leaf weeds.

For Use In

Crops: cereal grains, corn, rice*, sorghum, soybeans* (preplant only), sugarcane*, hops*, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), fallowland, pasture, rangelandNon-Crop Areas: aquatic sites, land, ditch banks, forestry, right-of-ways* Not registered use in California.

Key Benefits
  • Readily soluble in water and forms a true solution.
  • Broad-spectrum broadleaf phenoxy herbicide in a low-volatile formulation.
  • Versatile label includes aquatics and irrigation ditches.
Weight 25.00 lbs.
UPC No. 191662012224
EPA Reg No 71368-1
Manufacturer Nufarm
Not For Sale To AK, CA, CT, HI, LA, ME, NY, PR, TX, VT, WA

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