Brand Niban
Product Type Non-Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description NIBAN is moisture-resistant, fine granular bait that can be used indoors and outdoors to control ants, silverfish, roaches, crickets and more.
Target Pests Ants, including carpenter ants cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, earwigs, slugs, snails
For Use In For Use In and Around Homes, Apartments, Garages, Public and Private Institutions, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Pet Stores, Zoos, Kennels, Warehouses, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Vending Machines, Aircraft and Food Processing Plants. For outdoor use on home lawns, in-ground utility boxes, pedestal boxes, above-ground transformers, airports, roadsides, highway, rights-of-way, campgrounds, cemeteries, picnic areas, industrial sites, commercial nurseries, non-grazed pasture and rangeland, agricultural crops, golf courses, commercial and recreational turf and sod farms.
Application Equipment Bait Applicator, Bait Stations
Application Methods Baiting, Granular Spreading
Active Ingredients Orthoboric Acid 5%
Chemical Type Organic
Formulation Granular Bait
Shelf Life No
4.52 lbs
EPA Registration Number 64405-2
Manufacture Name Nisus

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