Product Type Non Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description Mantis Max 50 Professional Insect Light Trap, manufactured by PestWest, is a slim and discreet professional quality fly light trap designed specifically to lure flies and other flying insects within commercial and industrial areas. This energy efficient fly light trap is fitted with two 25-watt UV bulbs to combat against large flying insect populations while at the same time being compact and unobtrusive. The trap can be wall-mounted or stood upon a surface as long as it can be plugged into 110V to 220V environments. Mantis Max 50 Professional Insect Light Trap durability can further be seen with its FDA compliant FEP shatter resistant coating. This product performance is further optimized as its glue boards can easily be replaced without dissembling the fly trap.
Target Pests Flying insects
For Use In The Mantis Max 50 Professional Insect Light Trap is ideal for food preparation areas and a variety of other sensitive areas where flies need to be controlled. These can be in kitchens, inside restaurants or warehouses, outdoors on a patio and other indoor settings where flies are a problem.
Application Equipment None Needed
Application Methods Trapping
Chemical Type No
Formulation Ready-To-Use
Shelf Life Mantis Max 50 Professional Insect Light Trap lasts as long as parts are continually replaced and maintained.
Manufacture Name PESTWEST

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