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Kaput Mole Gel
Kaput Mole Gel

Kaput Mole Gel

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Product Name Kaput Mole Gel

Treat only active burrow systems. To treat a burrow system, locate main runways by probing. Remove the cap from the tip of the applicator syringe and turn dosing ring to mark indicating half ounce. Inject half an ounce of bait (one-sixth of the contents of one syringe) through probe or shoveled open hole at each bait placement location. Make six such placements per burrow system. Cover application holes with sod and soil, but do not allow dirt to sift in and foul or cover bait. Follow up: Check effects of treatment four to five days after bait application by opening and marking burrows in the manner used to check for initial activity. Return two to three days later and retreat all active burrows.

Active Ingredient Warfarin 0.025%
Target Pest

Moles, hairy-tailed moles, coast moles, broad-footed moles, eastern moles, starnose moles, and townsend moles


Kaput Mole Gel is a low-risk bait with the active ingredient warfarin.

For Use In

Lawns, Turf & Golf Courses

Not For Sale To AK, CO, HI, PR

1 Gel - 0.39 lbs.

Case - 4.60lbs.

EPA Reg No 72500-2
Manufacturer Scimetrics Ltd. Corp

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