Brand Induce
Product Type Non-Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description INDUCE is designed to quickly wet and spread a more uniform spray deposit over leaf and stem surfaces and improve spray mix deposition.
For Use In For use with products registered for non-cropland, ornamental, rights-of-way, turf, agricultural, aquatic, forestry, industrial, municipal,and other uses.
Application Methods Fill spray tank one-half full with water and begin agitation. Add pesticides as directed by labeling and continue filling. Add Induce last and continue agitation.
Active Ingredients Alkyl Aryl Polyoxylkane ethers, alkanolamides, dimethylsiloxane, and Free Fatty Acids - 90.0%. Components ineffective as adjuvant - 10.0%
Formulation Liquid formulation.
22.62 lbs
Manufacture Name Helena Chemicals

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