Brand Name First Strike
Description Shown high acceptance by rodents, even when competing food sources is available. Maintains palatability and integrity in both hot and cold environments.
Target Pest Norway rat, roof rat and House Mouse.
For Use In

Urban areas: This product may be used in and around homes, food processing facilities, industrial, commercial, agricultural and public buildings, and similar man-made structures. It may also be used in transport vehicles (ships, trains, aircraft) and in and around related port or terminal buildings. This product may also be used in alleys. Non-urban areas: This product may only be used inside of homes and agricultural, industrial and commercial buildings. Please refer product label for more information.

Application Equipment

Bait Stations, Gloves

Application Methods


Active Ingredients Difethialone 0.0025%
Chemical Type Anticoagulant - Single Feed
Formulation Ready-To-Use
Shelf Life FirstStrike Rat/Mouse Soft Bait Bait will last up to 1 to 2 years when stored according to the product label. Store FirstStrike Rat/Mouse Soft Bait in a cool, dry storage area using the original container and keep away from children and pets.
weight 20.04 lbs
EPA Registration number 7173-258
Manufacturer Lipha Tech
First-Strike-Soft-Bait-Rodenticide Label 2020First Strike Soft Bait rodenticide SDS

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