Brand Emerald
Product Type Agricultural (Ag)
Description Final All-Weather Blox has a flavor and highly palatable formulation rats and mice can't resist. Final Blox rodent bait is made with more than 16 human food-grade ingredients for unsurpassed acceptance and control. Final Blox is the preferred bait of rats and mice when tested against other Brodifacoum baits on the market. The active ingredient brodifacoum is an anticoagulant, meaning that when it is ingested, the poison is transferred from the digestive system to the bloodstream where it hinders clotting, causing eventual death. A hole in the center of each block allows it to be placed on bait securing rods in tamper-resistant bait stations.
Target Pests Norway Rats, Roof Rats, House Mice, Meadow Voles
For Use In Urban Areas:This may be used in and around the periphery of homes, industrial, commercial, and public buildingsMay also be used in transport vehicles (ships, trains, aircraft) and in and around related port or terminal buildingsMay also be used in alleysNon-Urban Areas:This may be used in and around homes and agricultural buildings
Active Ingredients Brodifacoum 0.005%
20.22 lbs
EPA Registration Number 12455-89
Manufacture Name BASF

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