Brand Enclave
Product Type Agricultural (Ag)
Description The Quali-Pro Enclave Flowable Fungicide is a powerful weapon against fungal diseases found in ornamentals and turfgrasses. It is a broad spectrum fungicide that is formulated with Quad Control Technology, which provides effective and long lasting protection from brown patch, anthracnose, snow mold, dollar spot and more. This flowable fungicide effectively helps in reducing and preventing disease resistance and also delivers cure and prevention in controlling known diseases. The multiple modes of control promotes good resistance management and superior performance that saves money and labor over time.
Target Pests Brown Patch, Anthracnose, Dollar Spot, Pink Snow Mold, Summer Patch, Gray Snow Mold, Black Spot on Roses, Blights, Scabs, Leaf Spots, Powdery Mildew
For Use In Commercial Turf-grasses, Golf Courses, Landscape Ornamentals, Greenhouses and Nurseries
Application Equipment No
Application Methods No
Active Ingredients Chlorothalonil - 28.7% Iprodione - 9.4% Thiophonate Methyl - 9.4% Tebuconazole - 2.8%
Chemical Type No
Formulation No
Shelf Life No
27.16 lbs
EPA Registration Number 53883-309
Manufacture Name Quali-Pro

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