Brand Catchmaster
Product Type Non Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description The 24XL is the largest glue tray in the Catchmaster® line of rodent control products. At 81 sq inches of catching power, the 24XL Jumbo Rat Glue Tray provides twice the capture area as the 48R Series.
Target Pests Roof rat, Norway rat, Mouse, Insects, snakes
For Use In Great for use as a clean out tool underneath large undisturbed areas such as vending machines, cabinets, commercial counters, attics, etc.
Application Methods Place glue board underneath cabinets and vending machines, in attics, and anywhere that the pests are likely to travel.
Shelf Life Effective for one full year when used under normal conditions.
11.40 lbs
Manufacture Name Catchmaster

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