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Brand Casoron
Product Type Agricultural (Ag)
Description Casoron 4G is a pre-emergent herbicide which easily handles many troublesome weeds in and around established woody landscape ornamentals, non-crop areas, fruit and nut trees and respective nurseries.
Target Pests Casoron 4G controls grasses and hard to control weeds such as Coltsfoot, Thistles (has post emergent activity), Horsetail, Nutsedge, and many other annual and perennial weeds.
For Use In Fruit and nut trees, woody ornamentals, shelterbelts (established and in nurseries). Non-crop areas such as: landscape around buildings and structures, fences, recreational areas, and under containerized nursery stock.
Application Methods 50 - 200 lbs. per acre * See label for complete application instructions
Active Ingredients Dichlobenil - 4%
Formulation Professional Product
26.00 lbs
EPA Registration Number 400-168-59807
Manufacture Name OHP Inc

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