What are Granular Insecticides and How To Use Them

Granular insecticides are solid particles that pour like sugar; these particles are infused with insecticide and release the pesticide when the granules are wet.

They are used only outdoors in places like your yard and around your foundation to kill ground dwelling pests and to prevent them from moving indoors.

It is very easy to use Granular insecticide. You will need no mixing for this product as it can be applied directly. Read the instructions on the label thoroughly. All you will need is insecticide, spreader, gloves and safety clothing.

Mow your lawn so you are applying to ground level and use the spreader and spread the granules in the same way you would mow your lawn and ensure you have covered the entire area.

For maximum impact and for the granules to release the pesticide effectively, use your sprinkler or hose to water the lawn after application and ensure the granules are soaked.

Talstar Xtra Granular insecticide is preferred most for Do It Yourself applications as it offers broad-spectrum control against over 20 lawn pests and gives up to four months of reliable control of most ants (including fire ants) as well as chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, earwigs, crane flies and many other lawn pests.

TALSTAR XTRA is labeled to have a highly advanced Verge granule delivering exciting application benefits you can’t get with other products.

Perfect Form

• The Verge granule is uniform in size and shape for improved ballistics during application, resulting in a more consistent, dependable barrier of protection.

Rapid Release

• Verge granules are clay-based and disintegrate at an extremely fast rate, fully dissolving into thousands of micro-particles in less than a minute after being watered in. This delivers the active ingredient where it’s needed. 

Better for the Applicator

• While other granules produce an unpleasant, musty smell, Talstar XTRA on the Verge granule is odorless. What’s more, the Verge granule is proven to be virtually dust-free, for a substantial reduction of dust in the air, on the equipment and on an applicator’s clothing following treatment.

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One 25-pound bag would cover around 5000 sq. ft. and is priced at $49.95.

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