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Product Name Fenvastar EcoCap
Active Ingredient Esfenvalerate 3.5%

Brand Name Fenvastar
Target Pest

General: Ants (including fire ants), aphids, asian lady beetles, bedbugs, beetles, boxelder bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, dog ticks, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, mealy bugs, midges, millipedes, mites, pillbugs, psocids, scales, silverfish, spiders, springtails, swarming termites, ticks and waterbugs. Flying Pests: Blow flies, clothes moths, crane flies, deer flies, face flies, fruit flies, gnats including fungus gnats, horn flies, houseflies, mosquitoes, small flying moths and whiteflies. Biting and Stinging Pests: Bedbugs, bees, biting flies, chiggers, deer flies, deer ticks, dog ticks, fire ants, fleas, gnats, hornets, lice, mosquitoes, scorpions, spiders, ticks, wasps and yellow jacket, Stored Product Pests: Angoumois grain moths, ants, cadelles, cigarette beetles, confused flour beetles, dark mealworms, dried fruit beetles, drugstore beetles, flat grain beetles, fruit flies, grain mites, grain moths, granary weevils, indian meal moths, lesser grain borers, maize weevils, meal moth larvae, Mediterranean flour moths, merchant grain beetles, red flour beetles, rice weevils, rusty grain beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, skippers, spider beetles, spider mites, square-necked grain beetles, tobacco moths and yellow mealworms.

Livestock Premise Pests: Bedbugs, carrion beetles, chiggers, darkling beetles (lesser mealworm), deer flies, face flies, fleas, flies, hide beetles, horn flies, horse flies, lice, litter beetles, mites, mosquitoes and stable flies.

Wood-Destroying Pests: Carpenter ants, carpenter bees, deathwatch beetles, furniture beetles, old house borers, powder post beetles, round-headed house borers and swarming termites etc. Please see the product label for a full list of pests.


FenvaStar EcoCap Insecticide contains active ingredient esfenvalerate in a contemporary formulation for rapid knockdown of targeted pests.

EcoCap™ technology utilizes vegetable oil instead of petroleum products to provide long lasting residual with less harm to the environment, Effective and environmentally friendly, For use indoors and outdoors, Allows for full broadcast use on structures, Full 90 day residual.

For use in

For control of insects, indoors and outdoors, in food and non-food areas such as, but not limited to: homes, schools, warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, theatres, hotels, industrial buildings, motels, kennels, livestock housing, food processing plants, food service establishments, restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores, transportation equipment, truck trailers, railroad cars, and food manufacturing and warehousing establishments. Also for use on backyards, lawns, trees, ornamental landscaping, recreational areas, parks and athletic fields.


Professional Product

Not for sale to CT
Weight 0.76 lbs
EPA Reg No 71532-28-91026
Product Label & SDS
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Always read and follow actual package for complete label verbiage. This product may not yet be available or approved for sale or use in your area.
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