Triad Select Herbicide

Triad Select Herbicide

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Product Name Triad Select Herbicide
Active Ingredient 2,4-D 30.89% Dicamba, dimethylamine salt 2.77% MCPA, dimethylamine salt 8.23%
Brand Name Triad
Target Pest

Bed-straw, Dandelion, Poison Oak, Black Medic, Mock, Mallow, Purslane, Buck-horn, Pepper-grass, Sheep Sorrel, Wild Carrot, Wild Onion, Wild Garlic and others 


Triad Select employs a mixture of three selective yet potent herbicides in order to control a broad variety of broadleaf weeds that are labeled hard-to-kill such as clover, dandelion, and plantain. This has been demonstrated and confirmed through university trials to be an efficient and effective solution that can be administered to both cool and warm season grasses and is labeled for use on sod farms, turf-grass, and other non-crop industrial areas. This formula can be mixed in a tank with liquid iron materials or liquid fertilizers following the label for instructions and compatibility on fertilizer tank mix. It has flexible application rates and may be applied to non-cropland areas' woody brush.

For Use In

Golf Courses, Sod Farms, Highways, Right-of-Ways, and similar Non-Crop areas, Ornamental Turf-grass (Residential & Commercial), Parks, Cemeteries and Athletic Fields

Weight 2.54 lbs
UPC No. 794504356939
EPA Reg No 89442-22
Manufacturer Prime Source
Not For Sale To AK, CA, CT, HI LA, MA, NJ, TX, VT, WA

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