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Brand Name Termidor

Termidor® Foam Termiticide/ Insecticide is ideal for spot treatments in wall voids and is effective on termites, ants and other listed pests.

Target Pest

Termites* (including subterranean, drywood, dampwood and arboreal), Wood Destroying Insects (Powder Post Beetles, Old House Borer, Wharf Borer), Ants (including: foraging Carpenter; excluding: Fire, Harvester, Leaf cutter and Pharaoh). * Not a substitute for mechanical alteration, soil or foundation treatment..

For Use In

FOR USE IN AND AROUND STRUCTURES AND LIMITED OUTDOOR SPOT TREATMENTS: Apartments, Homes, Food/Feed Handling Establishments (non-food/feed areas), Restaurants, Hospitals and Nursing Homes (non-patient Areas), Hotels, Motels, Hobby Greenhouses, Interiorscapes, Office Buildings, Schools**, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Cargo Trucks, Trailers, Trains), Warehouses and Other Commercial and Industrial Buildings. ** Do not apply to classrooms when in use.

Application Equipment

Gloves, Respirator Mask

Application Methods


Active Ingredients Fipronil 0.005%
Chemical Type Phenylpyrazole
Formulation Aerosol
Shelf Life This product can last up to 2 years when stored in a cool, dry location.
weight 1.77 lbs
EPA Registration number 499-563
Manufacturer BASF
Termidor Foam Label 2020Termidor Foam Termiticide-Insecticide Spanish SDS

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