Brand Name Surekill

Neogen SureKill SK300 is an advanced formula that effectively kills flying and crawling insects in indoor food and non-food areas, including homes, commercial buildings, food processing plants, hotels, and more. This liquid concentrate insecticide features a dual-synergized 3.0% Pyrethrin formulation, combined with two powerful active ingredients which provide excellent flushing action and instant knockdown of target pests such as ants, clover mites, deer flies, fleas, horn flies, earwigs, fruit flies, midges, flying moths, silverfish, and other stored product pests including darkling beetles and ticks. It is designed for indoor application as a contact spray, space spray in ULV fogging machines in food processing areas, storage facilities, restaurants, hospitals, commercial and institutional buildings. Available in 1-gallon jug.

Target Pest

Almond Moths, Ants, Black Fly, Box Elder Bugs, Brown Deer Ticks, Cadelles, Carpet Beetles, Cheese Mites, Chocolate Moths, Cigarette Beetles, Clothes Moths, Clover Mites, Cockroaches, Coffee Bean Weevils, Crickets, Fruit Flies, Silverfish, and more.

For Use in Food and non-food areas, commercial buildings, food processing plants, homes, hotels, restaurants, schools, stored food areas and warehouses.
Formulation Liquid Concentrate.
Weight 7.21 lbs
UPC No. 04544602750(1)
EPA Reg No 47000-178
Manufacturer Neogen Corp

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