Product Name Spider control kit
Brand Name Spider kit
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The Spider Control Kit includes our top-selling products for spider control, all in one convenient kit for your Home or business.

Long Description

Spider control kit consist of following products:


1 X Onslaught Fastcap spider and scorpion insecticide

Onslaught® FastCap provides fast-acting and long-lasting residual control of spiders, scorpions, and a broad spectrum of other insects.


1 X Web Out - Web remover & repellent

Web Out kills spiders and prevents spider webs on any surface that may support spider web development.


12 X Trapper monitor and Insect trap TM 2600

TRAPPER Monitor & Insect Trap is a non-poisonous glue trap that captures and monitors insects. Use it to determine the location, species and severity of an infestation.

For Use In

For control of insects, indoors and outdoors, in food and non-food areas such as, but not limited to: homes, schools, warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, theatres, hotels, industrial buildings, motels, kennels, livestock housing, food processing plants, food service establishments, restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores, transportation equipment, truck trailers, railroad cars, and food manufacturing and warehousing establishments. Also for use on backyards, lawns, trees, ornamental landscaping, recreational areas, parks and athletic fields.

Not For Sale To AK, CA, CT, HI, PR, VT
Kit Consists Of

[ Onslaught Fastcap spider and scorpion insecticide (16 oz.), Web Out - Web remover & repellent (32 oz.), Trapper monitor and Insect trap TM 2600 - 4 large trap (12 small traps) ]

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