Brand Name Selontra

Selontra Rodent bait kills anticoagulant-resistant Norway, Roof rat & House mice just in 3 days.

Target Pest

House mouse, Norway rat, Roof rat, Eastern harvest mice, Mexican wood rats, Golden mouse, Meadow vole, Polynesian rats, Southern plains wood rats, White throated wood rats.

For Use In

This Products may only be used inside and within 100 feet of man-made structures or inside and around/outside of transport vehicle (aircraft, ships, trains and trucks).

In and around agriculture buildings, including but not limited to swine, poultry, cattle, equine and dairy facilities, warehouses, food storage areas, and food processing facilities.

In and around docks and ports or terminal buildings, public buildings, trash receptacles, transport vehicles (air craft, ships, trains, trucks) and alleys.

Active Ingredients Cholecalciferol 0.08%
weight 8.64 lbs
EPA Registration number 7969-382
Manufacturer BASF

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