Brand OutLAST
Product Type Non Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description OutLAST Pro Foaming Agent Can be used for foaming termiticides, insecticides and cleaning products, as well as foam making.
For Use In Indoor or outdoor areas.
Application Methods OutLAST Pro can be used with typical commercial foaming equipment available on the market and is compatible with a large range of products designed for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential application such as: cleaning/disinfecting agents, bio sanitation products, pesticides and pest control products, animal husbandry uses, spray marking and more. OutLAST Pro may be used in food-processing and food-handling establishments. The product is an ideal choice for: improved coverage and contact time, minimization of loss, enhanced penetration, void filling such as wall voids and drains, short duration residual protection, increased contact time and/or moisture retention. To ensure good foam results and adequate coverage verify that all foaming equipment has been fully calibrated and is in proper working order. General Mixing Instructions**: 1. Fill tank/reservoir with water 2. Add and mix in material to be foamed 3. Add OutLAST Pro and mix gently **When mixing OutLAST Pro with any other manufacturers' product(s) read and follow all secondary manufacturers' label instructions and add OutLAST Pro as directed.
Active Ingredients Sodium lauryl sulfate, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate 18%
1.15 lbs. or�8.55 lbs. ( Depending upon size selection)
Manufacture Name Rockwell Labs

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