Brand Name Orkestra

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide provides fast, long-acting control of foliar and soilborne diseases in nursery and greenhouse operations.

Target Pest

Anthracnose, Crown and basal rots, Downy mildew, Flower and petal blights, Leaf spots, Phytophthora aerial blights,Powdery mildew,
Rust, Scab, Stem and twig blights and dieback, Thielaviopsis suppression), Crown and soilborne diseases. 

For Use In

Greenhouses, Lathhouses and shadehouses, Outdoor nurseries (field and container), Forest and conifer nurseries and plantations, Retail nurseries, Interiorscapes, Golf courses, Recreational landscapes Residential and commercial landscapes.

Active Ingredients Fluxapyroxad 21.26% Pyraclostrobin 21.26%
weight 1.45 lbs.
EPA Registration number 7969-370
Manufacturer BASF

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