Brand Name Imazuron

Nufarm Imazuron, gravel yards and other intentionally bare areas are rid of 150 annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines.

Target Pest

GRASSY WEEDS Barnyardgrass Bluegrass (annual) Brome (smooth) Cogongrass Crabgrass Foxtail Johnsongrass Saltgrass Sandbur Sand dropseed Sprangletop, Vaseygrass BROADLEAF WEEDS Dogfennel Goldenrod Horseweed Kochia Lambsquarters Pigweed Puncturevine Ragweed Russian thistle Shepherd’s- purse Velvetleaf VINES (PERENNIAL) Greenbriar Kudzu Morningglory Trumpetcreeper Virginia creeper Nufarm Imazuron also controls 30+ species of brush.

For Use In

Non-crop areas where bare ground is desired (industrial non-crop areas including utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms, pumping installations, storage areas, railroads, utility, pipeline rights-of-way, highway rights-of-way, non-irrigation ditchbanks, fencerows, farmyards, and non-crop areas around farm buildings) Paved surfaces.

Application Equipment

Backpack Sprayer, Pump Sprayer, Spray Rig

Application Methods

Drench Treatment, Spot Treatment

Active Ingredients Diuron 62.22%, Imazapyr 7.78%  (Same as Mojave 70 EG, Sahara DG)
Chemical Type Herbicide
Formulation Water Dispersible Granule (WDG)
Shelf Life Imazuron Herbicide may last up to 3 years when stored properly in a cool, dry place.
weight 10.23 lbs
EPA Registration number 228-654
Manufacturer Nufarm

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