Brand Mold-clean
Product Type Non Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description MOLD-CLEAN Wood Cleaner and Surface Conditioner is a ready-to-use, pleasantly scented wood and surface cleaner formulated to remove stains caused by mold and mildew.
Target Pests Mold & Mildew Stains and algae
Application Equipment Backpack Sprayer, Gloves, Pump Sprayer
Application Methods Spot Treatment
Active Ingredients Sodium Hypochlorite 5%
Chemical Type Inorganic
Formulation Ready-To-Use
Shelf Life Nisus Mold-Clean will last up to 3 years when stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not store in direct sunlight and away from reducing agents.
Manufacture Name Nisus

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