Brand Invade
Product Type Non Agricultural (Non-Ag)
Description Eliminate Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, and nasty drain odors at the source with InVade Bio Drain Gel.
Target Pests Eliminates Odors, Drain Flies, Phorid Flies, Fruit Flies, and prevention of "Sugar Snake.
For Use In Direct application to drains where flies breed; soda drain lines and drip trays.
Application Equipment Gloves
Application Methods Spot Treatment
Active Ingredients Microbes and Citrus Oil
Chemical Type Organic
Formulation Ready-To-Use
Shelf Life InVade Bio Drain will last for up to 3 years when stored in a closed, appropriately labeled container or its original container within an environment between 35 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Manufacture Name Rockwell Labs

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