Brand Name Genus Spectra

The Genus Spectra Compact will fit in the tightest spaces while offering powerful performance and easy servicing.

A single 36W bulb attracts flies into this unique containment design, trapping them on the glue board for fast and effective flying insect control.

36W compact unit, Can be mounted on the wall horizontally, vertically or in the corner, Free-standing swivel option, Lift-and-stay hinged cover for both-hands-free servicing.

Target Pest

Flies, Fruit flies, House flies, Midges, Mosquitoes, Fungus Gnats etc..

For Use In

Indoor use. Kitchens, Trash rooms, bars, delis, Schools and similar smaller commercial account.

Application Equipment

None Needed

Application Methods


Chemical Type No
Formulation No
Shelf Life No
weight 5.16 lbs
Manufacturer Brandenburg Fly Products

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