Brand Name Dismiss

Dismiss NXT herbicide is the industry’s premier Yellow Nutsedge and Green Kyllinga control product.

Target Pest

Yellow Nutsedge, Kyllinga, Bittercress, Black Medic, Carpetweed, Chickweed, Clover, Cudweed, Dandelion, Foxtail, Ground Ivy, Henbit, Knotweed, Pigweed, Plantain, Spurge, Velvetleaf, Woodsorrel and others

For Use In

Residential, Commercial and Institutional Lawns, Athletic Fields, Commercial Sod Farms, Golf Course, Fairways and Roughs, and Other Non-crop Sites, such as Railroad Rights-of-Way, Highway, Roadside, Pipeline and Utility Rights-of-Way, Industrial Areas, Fence Rows.

Active Ingredients Carfentrazone-ethyl - 3.53%, Sulfentrazone - 31.77%
weight 1.02 lbs.
EPA Registration number 279-3383
Manufacturer FMC

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