Product Type Agricultural (Ag)
Target Pests Loopers, budworms, bagworms, armyworms, tent caterpillars, azalea caterpillar, bagworm, blackheaded budworm, california oakworm, diamondback moth, douglas fir tussock moth, ello moth, elm spanworm, fall webworm, fruittree leafroller, greenstriped maple worm, gypsy moth, hemlock looper, jack pine budworm, lo moth, looper, mimosa webworm, oleander moth, omnivorous leafroller, omnivorous looper, pine butterfly, redhumped caterpillar, saddle prominent caterpillar, saddleback caterpillar, saltmarsh caterpillar, sod webworm, spring and fall cankerworm, spruce budroom, tent caterpillar, tobacco budworm, and western tussock moth. See label for complete list.
For Use In Ornamentals and landscape. See label for complete list.
Active Ingredients Bacillus thuringiensis Subsp. Kurstaki, Strain ABTS-351 54%
EPA Registration Number 73049-39
Manufacture Name BASF

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