Brand Name Bifen

Bifen XTS Insecticide-Termiticide is an oil-based insecticide that contains 25.1% bifenthrin and provides water-resistant, long lasting residual control.

Target Pest

Termites, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Wood-infesting beetles, (including Old House Borer & Powder Post), Armyworms, Billbugs, Chinch Bugs, Crane Flies, Crickets , Cutworms, Earwigs, Fleas (adults, larvae), Grasshoppers, Mites, Mole Crickets, Sod Webworms, Spittlebugs, Ticks, Imported Fire Ants, Japanese Beetles  (adult), Aphids, Bagworms, Black Vine Weevil (Adults), Brown Soft Scales, Budworms, California Red Scale (crawlers), Centipedes, Clover Mites, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Flea Beetles, Fungus Gnats (adults)Lace Bugs Leafhoppers, Leaf feeding Caterpillars, Mealybugs, Millipedes, Orchid Weevils, Pill bugs, Pine Needle Scales (crawlers),Sowbugs, Spiders, Spittlebugs, Tent Caterpillars, Tip Moths, Weevils, Whiteflies, Leafrollers, Spider Mites, Thrips, Leaf miners, Fungus Gnats (larvae), Armyworms, Centipedes, Chiggers,  Hornets, Mosquitoes, Moths, Roaches (Cockroaches) , Scorpions, Sowbugs (Pill bugs), Springtails, Ticks (Brown Dog Ticks), Wasps.

For Use In outdoor perimeter pest control, turf and ornamentals, or pre- and post-construction termite treatment.
Application Equipment

Backpack Sprayer, Gloves, Hose End Sprayer, Pump Sprayer, Respirator Mask, Spray Rig

Application Methods

Broadcast Spray, Crack & Crevice, Injection, Spot Treatment, Trench Treatment

Chemical Type Pyrethroid
Formulation Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC)
Shelf Life Bifen XTS will last for up to 1 to 2 years when stored according to the product label. Store Bifen XTS in a cool, dry storage area in the original container.
EPA Registration number 53883-189
Manufacturer Control Solution

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