Brand Name Arena

Arena 0.25 G Insecticide works as both a preventive and a curative, for outstanding control of chinch bugs, white grubs and a broad spectrum of other turf and ornamental pests with a single application.

Controls pyrethroid-resistant chinch bugs without increasing the level of pyrethroid resistance, Controls white grubs, including Japanese beetle and masked chafers, plus other thatch- and surface-feeding insects, Superior grub control including curative grub control that helps keep away foraging animals, Excellent results when applied prior to third instar, Does not require immediate watering-in after application, Also available as a 50 WDG formulation for foliar and soil application options.

Target Pest

Annual Bluegrass Weevil (larval stages), Bill Bugs, May or June Beetle, Spittlebug, White Grubs Including Asiatic Garden Beetle European Chafer Green June Beetle, Japanese Beetle Northern Masked Chafer Oriental Beetle, Southern Masked Chafer, Armyworms Chinch Bugs, Crane Fly including American European Cutworms Nuisance Ants, Sod Webworms, Mole Crickets (suppression).

For Use In

Industrial, commercial and residential landscapes such as, airports, athletic fields, Cemeteries, commercial sod farms, golf courses, home lawns, parks and playgrounds.

Active Ingredients Clothianidin 0.25%
weight 31.50 lbs
EPA Registration number 59639-157
Manufacturer Valent Usa Corp
Arena 0 25 Granules Label 2020SPREADER CALIBRATION CHART FOR ARENA 0.25 GArena 0.25 G Insecticide SDS

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