All sales are final. Apartment Bed bug Heat package (220 V/240 V). We cannot accept returns on opened and/or used Bed bug heat system after they have left our warehouse due to the possibility of spreading bed bugs. Please call our customer service at 1-877-788-2847 for defective items.

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Product Name Apartment Bed bug Heat package (220 V/240 V)
Brand Name Bed bug heat system
Target Pest

Bed bugs, Mites, Fleas etc.


Is most powerful electric heatpackage for treating Bed bugs in large areas, apartments or difficult to heat surfaces constructed of concrete, brick, or block

NEC Compliant: Yes

UL Listed: Yes

Total BTU's: 52,377

Total Watts: 15,360

Volts: 240

Total Amps: 64

Heat up to: 800 Square feet area.

BTU's 40 Amp Element: 32,736

BTU's 24 Amp Element: 19,641

Number Of Heating Elements: 2

Amps Per Heating Element: 1 @ 24, 1 @ 40

Watts Per Heating Element: 1 @ 5,760, 1 @ 9,600

Fan Speed: 1 Speed

CFM: 2,700

Adjustable Thermostat: Yes

Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 22

Warranty: 1 Year

Long Description

Apartment Bed bug Heat package

For Use In

Apartments, Home etc.

Kit Consists Of

[1 - Elite 52 K Bed bug heater, 3 - AF Elite Axial air mover, 1 x 50 Amp 8 gauge 3 STW WR Power Cord - 15 feet, 30 Amp 10 gauge 3 STW WR Power Cord - 35 feet, IR Thermometer laser gun]


1 Year Limited Warranty
For Professional use only

Warrantor: Pest Control Products Depot, will help you to contact Manufacturer for any warranty issue with Elite 52 K

Who is covered: This warranty extends to the original end-user and may not be assigned or transferred.

Warranty Period: The term of the warranty coverage from the date of purchase is:

1years on the housing
1 year on parts and labor

Warranty Coverage: Manufacturer warrants that, for one (1) year, the Heater manufactured by Manufacturer will operate free from defects in material or workmanship, or, Manufacturer at its option, will repair or replace the defective part(s), free of charge.

Manufacturer further warrants that for a period of one (1) years, the housing of the Heater manufactured by Manufacturer will be free from defects in material or workmanship, Manufacturer will repair or replace the defective part(s), providing that all shipping costs for the defective part(s) shall be borne by the end-user.

This warranty does not cover any defect, malfunction, etc€¦ resulting from improper operation, lack of maintenance, freezing, corrosion from chemicals, condensation, tampering, modification, unauthorized or improper repair, accident, acts of nature, shipping after you receive the Heater, or normal wear to items such as power cords, plug adaptors or other items which require replacement resulting from normal usage and may require replacement prior to 1 year based on usage.

End-User Responsibilities: The customer is expected to inspect all items that have been received and make sure that they are in proper working order within 3 days of receiving their equipment. If items are damaged from shipping the customer is responsible for informing K and J within those 3 days to have the damaged items replaced. Manufacturer will provide the labels for the return of that item. If the unit needs to be sent in for repair the end user is responsible for shipping the unit back to us to determine why the unit is not working. If the unit is under the warranty Manufacturer will repair the items and send them back to the customer no charge. If the repair falls out of the warranty the end user is responsible for the charges that are incurred in repairing the units and the shipping cost back.

Servicing of Unit:

Warranty service must be performed by a firm or Individual authorized by Manufacturer. The end-user must contact Manufacturer at the above location. Manufacturer will arrange for covered warranty service. All covered warranty service will be arranged during normal business hours.

Limitations and Exclusions: If any part of the Heater manufactured by Manufacturer is repaired or replaced as covered warranty, the new part shall be warranted only for the remainder of the original warranty period of the Heater.

Upon expiration of the written warranty applicable to the Manufacturer Heater or any part thereof, all other warranties implied by law, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, shall also expire. All warranties made by Manufacturer are set forth herein, and no claim may be made against Manufacturer on any oral warranty. In no event shall Manufacturer, in connection with the sale, operation, repair or replacement of any Manufacturer device or part thereof be liable under any legal theory for any special, indirect or consequential damages including without limitation water damage, lost profits, delay, or loss of use or damage to any real or personal property.

Legal Rights: This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from State to State.

Not For Sale To AK, CA, HI, PR

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