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      application methods The pesticide application method you choose depends on the nature and habits of the target pest, the properties of the pesticide, the suitability of the application equipment, and the cost and efficiency of alternative methods. Your choice is often predetermined by one or more of these factors. Follow label direction for volume recommendations and application rates based on the pest to be controlled and utilize appropriate application tips on equipment.

      What is Zeta-Cypermethrin?

      Zeta-cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid consisting of a mixture of stereoisomers. Zeta-cypermethrin is a contact insecticide that also works through stomach contact.

      How does Zeta-Cypermethrin work? (Mode of Action)

      Zeta-cypermethrin is through the modulation of the sodium channels of the nervous system of the target organism, resulting in death.

      Keep out of reach of children.

      Always check the label for warnings and instructions for use.

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      1 product