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      application methods The pesticide application method you choose depends on the nature and habits of the target pest, the properties of the pesticide, the suitability of the application equipment, and the cost and efficiency of alternative methods. Your choice is often predetermined by one or more of these factors. Follow label direction for volume recommendations and application rates based on the pest to be controlled and utilize appropriate application tips on equipment.

      What is Carbaryl?

      Union Carbide discovered carbaryl and introduced it commercially in 1958. Carbaryl is the common name for the chemical 1-naphthyl methylcarbamate. Carbaryl belongs to a class of pesticides known as carbamates family used chiefly as an insecticide. It is a white crystalline solid commonly sold under the brand name Sevin, a trademark of the Bayer Company.

      How does Carbaryl work? (Mode of Action)

      Carbaryl disrupts the normal functioning of the insect nervous system and may cause toxicity by contact or ingestion.

      Carbaryl disrupts the nervous system by adding a carbamyl moiety to the active site of the acetyl cholinesterase enzyme, which prevents it from interacting with acetylcholine.

      Keep out of reach of children.

      Always check the label for warnings and instructions for use.

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