Stryker Insecticide Concentrate
Stryker Insecticide Concentrate

Stryker Insecticide Concentrate

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Product Name Stryker Insecticide Concentrate
Active Ingredient

Pyrethrins 6.00%

Piperonyl butoxide 60.00%

Brand Name Stryker
Target Pest

Ants, Aphids, Apple maggots, Armyworms, Artichoke plume moths, Asparagus beetles, Beet armyworms, Bagworms, Bean beetles, Blister beetles, Blow flies, Biting flies, Boll weevils, Cabbage loppers, Cankerworms, Carrot weevils, Caterpillars, Clover mites, Clover weevils, Cockroaches, 12-Spotted cucumber beetles, Codling moths, Colorado potato beetles, Corn earworms, Crickets, Crane flies, Cross-striped cabbageworms, Cucumber beetles, Deer flies, Deer ticks, Earwigs, Diamondback month larvae, Eastern tent caterpillars, Elm leaf beetles, European corn borers, European pine tip moths, Face flies, Fall webworms, Fire ants, Firebrats, Fireworks, Flea beetles, Flies, Forest tent caterpillars, Fungus gnats, Fruit flies, Fruit tree leaf rollers, Grape leafhoppers, Grape leaf skeletonizes, Grasshoppers, Green fruit worms, Green peach aphids, Greenhouse thrips, Gypsy moths (adult and larvae), Harlequin bugs, Heliothis sp., Hornets, Horn flies,Hornworms, Horse flies, House flies, Indian meal moths,Imported cabbageworms, J panese beetles, Katydids,Lace bugs, Leafhoppers, Leaf rollers, Leaf miners, Lice,Loppers, Lygus, Mealy bugs, Mediterranean flour moths,Mexican bean beetles, Midges, Millipedes, Mosquitoes,Mushroom flies, Navel orange worms, Onion maggots,Pear psylla, Potato leafhopper, Psyllids, Rice weevils,Saw-toothed grain beetles, Silverfish, Skippers, Sow bugs,Stable flies, Stink bugs, Spiders, Tabanidae, Tarnished plant bugs, Thrips, Tomato hornworms, Vinegar flies,Wasps, Webworms, Whiteflies and Yellow jackets.


Stryker is a multi-purpose concentrate insecticide that contains 6% pyrethrins and 60% piperonyl butoxide for a fast knockdown and efficient control of insect pests.

For Use In

STRYKER Insecticide Concentrate is intended for use on ornamentals, greenhouse plants, stored products, Livestock, in and around around Residential Buildings and Structures as well as modes of transport.


Professional Product

Not For Sale To AK, CA, HI, NY, PR
Weight 1.24 lbs
UPC # 072693010048
EPA Reg No 53883-308
Manufacturer Control Solutions Inc.

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