Garden Tech Sevin Dust 5% - 3 Pack

Garden Tech Sevin Dust 5% - 3 Pack

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Product Name Garden Tech Sevin Dust 5% - 3 Pack
Active Ingredient Carbaryl 5%
Brand Name Sevin
Target Pest


Japanese beetle, Bean leaf beetle, Cucumber beetle, corn earworm, Mexican bean beetle, Lygus bug, Lima bean pod borer, Stink bugs, Flea beetle, Armyworms, Diamond Back moth larvae, Imported cabbage worms, Spittle bugs, Tomato Fruit worms, Hornworm, Colorado Potato beetle.

Small Fruits:

Japanese beetles, Leaf hoppers, Leaf rollers, raspberry aphids, Blueberry maggots, Cherry fruit worms, Cranberry fruit worms, Grape leaf folder, Grape leaf hoppers, Grape lef Skeletonizer, June beetle, Red banded leaf roller, Meadow Spittlebugs, strawberry leaf roller, Strawberry weevil.


Bagworms, blister beetles, boxelder bug, boxwood leaf miner, flea beetle, lace bugs, leafhoppers, leaf rollers, periodical cicada, plant bugs, psyllids, rose aphids, rose slugs, scale insects in the crawler stage, tent caterpillars, exposed thrips


Argentine ants, Odorous ants, Ghost ants, Acrobat ants, Fire ants, Carpenter bees, earwigs, fleas, leaf hoppers, millipedes, sod web worms, American Dog Tick, Brown dog Tick,


Sevin Dust 5% kills more than 65 garden pests on vegetables, fruit, ornamental shrubs or flowers, and even lawns.

For Use In

Outdoor Use Only.

For Home Owner (Residential) Use only.

Vegetables, Small Fruits, Ornamental and Lawns

Not For Sale To AK, CA, HI, PR
Weight 3.61 lbs
UPC # 613499070135
EPA Reg No 432-1209-71004
Manufacturer GardenTech

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