Garage Door Rodent Guard

Garage Door Rodent Guard

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Product Name Garage Door Rodent Guard

Too often a mouse or other small rodent is allowed access to the inside of a home through a garage. The garage door weather seal, the flexible rubber PVC that seals the gap between the perimeter of a garage door and the doorframe, is vulnerable to being chewed through. Rodents can chew through this weather seal and get into the garage. All weather seals are susceptible to this pest control problem.

The Garage Door Rodent Guard comes in packs of two, one for each side of the garage door, and includes wipes to clean the area where it is to be applied, and rectangular tape to insure that the Rodent Guard stays firmly in place. It is an entirely humane and green product, and is a perfect add-on for rodent exclusion jobs. This is an effective, reliable, and simple addition for anyone looking for up sell products.

Brand Name Rodent Guard
Target Pest

House mouse, Mice, Roof rat, Norway rat, snake etc.


The garage door rodent guard is a V shaped piece of metal that is specifically designed to be secured to the garage door weather seal at the base where the seal meets the ground.

Rodents/Mice will be...

For Use In

Garage Door Weather Seal.

Weight 0.10 lbs
Manufacturer The Rick Ford Company LLC
Not For Sale To AK, HI, PR

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